Lighting and Lamps

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Design Center understands that lighting is a integral part of every design and space. The type and quality of light in a office or living space can change the mood and perceived size of a room. The placement, style, and color of light are important aspects of interior design, and they work together with paint selections, room layout, the availability of natural light and furnishing selections. The power of design can ignite when the right lighting is achieved. It can transform a room into a seamless interplay of functionality and style.

Douglasville Lamps

Beyond Douglasville Lamps
Within the discipline of interior design, lighting plays an extremely important role—well beyond simply having pretty lamps which match your furniture. Here are some examples of the power of light.

Color Management
The strategic use of light can affect the overall colors of a room. Unlit colors can make a room feel small and constrained, while light-enhanced walls and surfaces can open up a space.

Directional Lighting
Design Center is adept at selectively using light to either provide illumination for the entire room, or to highlight specific elements. For instance, using recessed lighting can create downward facing beams of light as opposed to the general glow that comes from central light fixtures.

We understand that light needs to serve a purpose, or it simply wastes electricity.

One of the most powerful uses of light in interior design is that natural and man-made light can help with the illusion of space. Used creatively and with skill, light can direct the attention of everyone in the room and emphasize the style and quality.

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