Picture Framing

Colorful Custom Picture Frames

Design Center offers Douglasville custom framing. We specialize in one-on-one customer service; a wide selection of frame styles; the ability to meet a range of budgets and aesthetics; an interior designer’s eye for the textures, colors, and proportions; and timely service.

Douglasville Custom Framing

These strengths will combine to create a stress-free experience and beautiful work of art. So whether it's a irreplaceable family photograph, your latest artistic obsession, or a treasured piece in need of revitalization, bring it to Design Center and let us create something amazing with you.

Custom framing doesn't have to be outrageously expensive or require shipping your art with weeks of waiting. We pride ourselves on being able to guide our customers in selecting the exact framing design solution to best fit their decor and budget. We offer exhaustive range of moulding designs, an extensive variety of mat colors and designs, and we offer in-house work with a reasonable turn-around time all of which gives our customers exactly what they want at a price they can afford.


Your local, hometown custom framing shop

  • Our framing expert has 40 years’ experience
  • Our shop is 100% local; no shipping required
  • Our turn-around time is consistent and stated up front
  • Our price is consistent


The corporate “big box” store

  • Their “certified framing expert” took a framing class
  • They offer “expedited shipping” so your art or picture can be framed “off-site”
  • Their turn-around time is inconsistent and not locally controlled
  • Their price requires coupons to be competitive

Design Center is the premier interior design company in west Georgia. We specialize in both commercial and residential custom interior design that matches your tastes and aesthetics. We have a 40-year history of making our client’s dreams come true.