Personal Service

Design Center is the premier interior design company in west Georgia. We specialize in both commercial and residential custom interior design that matches your tastes and aesthetics. We have a 40-year history of making our client’s dreams come true.

Interior Decorating Company

Design Center offers full-service commercial and residential interior design from whole-house planning and design to the selection of just one piece. We are happy to assist you in creating a uniquely personal and beautiful space.

Consultation: we will visit you in your home, work with you to determine the extent of your project, and set a schedule that matches your timeline.

Floor Plans and Presentations: as a normal part of our design service we provide a detailed plan, complete with color, fabric, and furniture suggestions. This includes details for your lighting, rugs and accessories, prints and wall art, even primary and secondary paint colors for your space.

Custom Window Treatments: we have years of experience and an outstanding track record in creating original drapery, custom shades and blinds, as well as overseeing their production and installation.

Complete Installation: From start to finish, we ensure that every aspect of your project is carried out to your satisfaction.

Building and Remodeling Assistance: If you are creating a new space or remodeling an old, let us work within your plans before the walls go up. Many times we are able to ask the architect and/or builder to adjust a space to optimize it for your fullest enjoyment. This attention to customer service, along with high quality craftsmanship is at the heart of our success.

Commercial Spaces: a core competency of interior decorating company is the ability to design functional and beautiful commercial spaces that will meet the strictest bidding criteria and processes. We have a long track record of deeply satisfied commercial clients and would like to include you in this group.