Interior Design

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Design Center knows that it's not enough to simply offer superior products. Our staff is committed to provide outstanding services. We will expertly answer your questions and ensure the perfect solution for your home is found -- no matter your decorating style.

Interior Design Ideas

We are your source for interior design ideas! Our designer considers the essential "look" of a space and its ideal presentation. We take paint colors, fabric designs, stylish furnishings, unique light fixtures and other materials and use them to craft a space that is truly beautiful. In addition to enhancing the total visual environment, an interior designer creates a space that is functional, efficient and safe.

Among the many areas of our expertise and experience:

  • Space planning and utilization
  • Long-term project and lifestyle planning
  • Safety and accessibility
  • Historic restoration
  • Interior detailing of background elements, such as wall and ceiling designs
  • Custom design of furniture, drapery and accessories
  • Selection of appliances, plumbing fixtures and flooring materials
  • Acoustics and sound transmission

Design Center is the premier interior design company in west Georgia. We specialize in both commercial and residential custom interior design that matches your tastes and aesthetics. We have a 40-year history of making our client’s dreams come true.